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Urbanball Mobile Game Gets a New Star: Introducing Zane Blitz!

EX Sports is excited to announce the arrival of Zane Blitz, a brand new character for their popular mobile game, Urbanball! Get ready to meet this unique virtual star who will be at the center of exciting competitions and tournaments launching in the coming weeks.

Zane Blitz brings a whole new level of excitement to the Urbanball experience. Fans can look forward to exclusive Zane Blitz digital collectibles, some of which will be available through giveaways. To unlock these collectibles and compete for awesome prizes in upcoming tournaments, players will need to complete specific tasks within the game.

Everyone can join the fun! Simply download the EX Sports app and create an EX Sports wallet. Both the app download and wallet creation are completely free.

So, are you ready to take your Urbanball experience to the next level? Download the EX Sports app today, create your wallet, and get ready to meet Zane Blitz! The exciting competitions and giveaways are just around the corner. Don’t miss out on this chance to add a unique character to your collection and compete for fantastic prizes!

About Urbanball

Urbanball, founded by Sean Garnier over a decade ago and co-owned by EX-Sports, is a dynamic street football ecosystem that aims to build a global community while assisting aspiring footballers worldwide. It offers a unique 1vs1 football format called Urbanball Fight (UBF), talent scouting programs, a web3 play-to-earn game, digital collectibles, tournaments, micro-events, e-commerce, and more, all interconnected for a comprehensive street football experience.

At the heart of UrbanBall is the UBF format, emphasizing skill, agility, and creativity in street football battles. It has gained immense popularity among enthusiasts globally. UrbanBall conducts talent scouting initiatives to identify hidden talent and provide opportunities for growth, bridging the gap between undiscovered players and professional pathways.

About EX Sports

Founded in 2019, EX Sports is transforming the niche sports industry by harnessing innovative technologies. Leveraging its 20+ years of experience in sports promotion, the company enhances fan engagement and athlete support through creating comprehensive journeys that seamlessly integrate physical and digital experiences. Its all-encompassing app serves as a central sports hub, featuring a Digital Collectibles Marketplace, unique in-house published Web3 games, and live streaming of exclusive events. Every component of the EX Sports ecosystem is interconnected, aiming to provide genuine utility, significant value, and enriching experiences for fans, athletes, and general users alike.

Download the EX Sports App: