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UrbanBall game

Available on IOS
and Android:

test out the eagerly awaited Urbanball trickshot game demo. Hit all the targets and conquer the leaderboard for your chance to win real rewards

'beat the scores of your favorite athletes, celebrities and influencers'


UrbanBall is a comprehensive street football ecosystem, comprised of an play to earn game, NFT collectables, 1v1 ‘fightball’ tournaments, micro-events, e-commerce and talent management, all of which are interconnected.

With an existing talent pool of 10 brand ambassadors, UrbanBall has a social media following of 30+ million who are deeply engaged, offering huge advertising and promotional opportunity.


official Urbanball NFTS

Urbanball NFTs are street football collectables that are required to play the upcoming blockchain based play-to-earn game. The NFTs are based on real life street footballers, consisting of character and skill cards:
  • Character cards are based on the winners of 1v1 ‘fightball’ tournaments held in different countries.
  • Skill cards consist of freestyle skills that enhance the performance of characters in the game.
Urbanball NFTs are for sale on the Binance NFT marketplace, with new drops happening frequently.
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Urbanball Fight” or “UBF” is a 1 vs 1 sport pitting two outfield players against each other, attempting to score against a goalkeeper.

Matches are intense 3-minute rounds, and players can earn points by scoring goals or executing impressive freestyle skills.

Dubbed as the “UFC of football”, UBF requires players to show strength, endurance, and mental toughness.

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