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EX-Sports and CARV Unite for Exciting Mobile Play-to-Earn Adventures

Over the past five months, EX-Sports has teamed up with CARV to launch a series of captivating quests and missions, bringing fresh excitement to the mobile gaming world. These initiatives are designed to promote their cutting-edge Urbanball and Al-Hejin play-to-earn games. Players are invited to dive into these quests, where they can earn free game NFTs by completing a variety of engaging tasks. These NFTs unlock access to the games and provide the chance to win fantastic real-world rewards, including USDT, exclusive game NFTs, unforgettable in-real-life experiences, and pre-listing allocations of $EXS (on the whitelist).

These dynamic campaigns have successfully drawn in a wave of new users, transforming many into enthusiastic regular players. The attractive rewards have played a crucial role in sustaining high levels of participation and excitement. EX-Sports sees its collaboration with CARV as a cornerstone for future growth and innovation, and they are eager to continue working together to expand their gaming universe.

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About CARV:

CARV is revolutionizing data management in gaming and AI by building the largest modular data layer. Their innovative approach ensures that privacy, ownership, and control of data remain with individuals, paving the way for a future where data generates value for everyone.

Gamers can create comprehensive profiles that consolidate all their gaming moments in one place, allowing them to explore a diverse array of games and exclusive events within a vibrant community of genuine gamers. Game developers can access a powerful suite of tools to engage, grow, and understand their audience, transforming their community into loyal fans and advocates.

CARV provides users with access to the largest gaming knowledge hub, personalized recommendations for games and communities, eligibility checks for airdrops, and opportunities to participate in reward-based quests. With CARV, your gaming journey is enhanced by a companion that truly understands and supports your needs.

About EX Sports

Founded in 2019, EX Sports is transforming the niche sports industry by harnessing innovative technologies. Leveraging its 20+ years of experience in sports promotion, the company enhances fan engagement and athlete support through creating comprehensive journeys that seamlessly integrate physical and digital experiences. Its all-encompassing app serves as a central sports hub, featuring a Digital Collectibles Marketplace, unique in-house published Web3 games, and live streaming of exclusive events. Every component of the EX Sports ecosystem is interconnected, aiming to provide genuine utility, significant value, and enriching experiences for fans, athletes, and general users alike.

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