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The Resurgence of Urbanball: Impacting Lives and Elevating Street Football

EX-Sports, in collaboration with Sean Garnier, has successfully reimagined Urbanball Fight (UBF), a 1v1 football-related sport that has experienced remarkable growth and activity over the last 12 months. By creating an ecosystem to support and nurture upcoming talent, Urbanball aims to transform lives and empower ‘underdog’ athletes to reach new heights. 

Cultivating Talent and Building a Global Stage
Urbanball’s partnership with Binance led to four sold-out NFT drops, showcasing the demand for the sport and its athletes. To discover and support talent, Urbanball held local qualifying tournaments in Brazil, Belgium, the UK, the USA, Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, specifically targeting underprivileged areas. Winners were flown to Dubai for regional finals held at awe-inspiring locations like the Rooftop of Zabeel Sports District, Dubai Mall Ice Rink, and Burj Park.

Urbanball Roadmap 

Transforming Lives with NFTs and Pro Recognition
Winning athletes became in-game characters in the UBF game and had NFTs created in their likeness, earning royalties and attracting recognition from professional clubs. Exclusive NFT holders earned real-life rewards, such as meeting legendary athletes like Neymar and Dani Alves.

Promoting Urbanball Through Collaborations and Events
To promote the Urbanball game demo, EX-Sports partnered with Nakheel to take over the rooftop of the View At the Palm for a month during the FIFA World Cup. They built a special Urbanball pitch and launched the celebrity podcast Podball, hosted by Sean Garnier, featuring social media icons, former pro footballers, and pro gamers.

Urbanball also gained exposure through panel discussions featuring Sean Garnier and Steven Bartlett, and presentations by Garnier and Toli Makris (EX-Sports CEO) at Gitex 2022 and LEAP 2023 in Saudi Arabia.

The Road Ahead: Upcoming Game Release and Tournaments
The full Urbanball game, set to launch in May 2023, will feature multiple maps, gameplay modes, and web3 integration, allowing players to use NFTs to play and earn in the game. Season 1 of the Urbanball tournament continues in Abu Dhabi, with the grand finale scheduled for April 29th, in partnership with the BRED Festival. The event will feature regional finalists competing against one another at an urban festival that will feature global celebrities such as 2 Chainz and 6lack in attendance. Season 2 of UBF will commence shortly after the conclusion of Season 1.

A Game-Changer for Street Football and Athletes
Urbanball has successfully revolutionized street football by leveraging blockchain technology and strategic partnerships. With its mission to transform lives and develop sports at the grassroots level, Urbanball stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in driving positive change.