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Street football is a unique and creative form of the sport that is played on outdoor urban surfaces, like streets, parking lots, concrete playgrounds, and urban areas. Unlike traditional soccer, street football is characterized by its improvisational style, focus on individual skills, and adaptation to various surfaces, obstacles, and weather conditions. It often involves fewer players and a smaller ball, and has fewer rules compared to traditional soccer.

Street football naturally incorporates freestyle football, which emphasizes creativity, individual skills, and self-expression through performing tricks and stunts with a ball. The objective is to entertain and impress the audience while showcasing technical ability with the ball. Many professional football players credit street football as a source of inspiration for incorporating freestyle elements into their games. Freestyle football is a dynamic and exciting sport that celebrates the art and beauty of football.

Urbanball is revolutionizing street and freestyle football through its creation of a new sport called “Urbanball Fight” or “UBF”. This 1 vs 1 sport pits two outfield players against each other, attempting to score against a goalkeeper. Matches are intense 3-minute rounds, and players can earn points by scoring goals or executing impressive freestyle skills. Dubbed as the “UFC of football”, UBF requires players to show strength, endurance, and mental toughness.

Urbanball aims to support and promote street and freestyle football by providing players with equipment, organizing events and tournaments, and fostering a sense of community. With its structured platform, Urbanball hopes to bring global recognition to street football as a legitimate form of the sport.