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From the elevated setting on the rooftop of Nakheel’s ‘The View at the Palm’ overlooking Dubai’s iconic Palm Jumeirah, EX Sports markets Podball as the ‘highest sports podcast in the world’, and in the latest episode, presenter Sean Garnier welcomed two highly successful female athletes to talk about the rise of women’s sport.

In a celebration of girl power, series host and street football legend, Sean Garnier, was joined by former women’s pro-basketball player, Nathalie Mamo, and former woman’s pro-footballer player, Lama Masri. The two guests have a lot in common. They are both Lebanese and they have both earned successful careers in sports that have traditionally been dominated by men. Now a very competent and accomplished TV sports presenter, Nathalie Mamo made her name in the tough sport of women’s basketball, while Lama Masri is a former women’s pro-football player.

During the podcast, the two female athletes chatted with Sean about their own careers and the challenges they faced growing up, especially establishing themselves in their respective male-dominated sports. As the conversation turned toward public perceptions of women in sport, this point was further developed. Not only did they mention how much women’s sport is growing in recent times, but they also suggested that, in many cases, women are, and indeed have to be, tougher than their male counterparts.

As usual, the podcast ended with the two guests taking part in the Podball Trickshot Challenge. At the end of each podcast, each guest is invited to play the trickshot game in the Urbanball demo mode. Nathalie scored an impressive 6720, while Lama scored 1030.