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EX-Sports and Sean Garnier Announce Urbanball Fight (UBF) Season 1 Finals on April 29th in Partnership with BRED Festival

Abu Dhabi, UAE – April 17, 2023 – EX-Sports and Sean Garnier are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated Urbanball Fight (UBF) Season 1 Finals, taking place on Saturday April 29th, 2023, sponsored by WOW Hydrate. The finals will be held in partnership with BRED, the region’s Ultimate Neo-Culture festival, on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, from April 26-30, 2023. In collaboration with Hypebeast, BRED Abu Dhabi aims to showcase contemporary culture through music, fashion, food, sports, and art, celebrating the impact of neo-culture in shaping the region’s rich identity.

UBF Season 1 took off last year with the ambitious aim of discovering the most extraordinary street football talents from around the globe. An extensive series of qualifiers were held around the world, including the UK, Belgium, Brazil, USA, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Austria, Spain, and Egypt. These spectacular events, consisting of country qualifiers and finals, served as a magnet for celebrities and athletes who eagerly attended the thrilling games to witness the emergence of future stars.

As the excitement builds, the grand finals are set to bring together the victorious contenders from each event, as they battle it out for the prestigious title of World UBF Champion. The competition promises to be a true spectacle, as these exceptional athletes face off, showcasing their unique skills, tactics, and unyielding determination. The grand finals will not only celebrate the very best in street football but also serve as a testament to the passion, creativity, and innovation that drives this rapidly growing sport.

In addition to the on-field accomplishments, exceptional athletes who have taken part in the Urbanball journey have been celebrated by having their NFTs created and by featuring as in-game characters in the world’s premier street football play-and-earn web3-based mobile game. These accomplishments, along with royalties earned in the process, hold the potential to significantly impact and transform their personal and professional lives.

Fans from around the world will have their eyes glued to the event, as the UBF grand finals are poised to deliver an unforgettable experience that will leave an indelible mark on the history of street football.


About Urbanball:

Urbanball is revolutionizing street and freestyle football with its creation of a new sport called “Urbanball Fight” or “UBF”. This 1 vs 1 sport challenges two outfield players to score against a goalkeeper. Matches consist of intense 3-minute rounds, with players earning points by scoring goals or executing impressive freestyle skills. Often referred to as the “UFC of football,” UBF demands players demonstrate strength, endurance, and mental toughness.


About BRED:

BRED, named after the “Born and Bred” idiom and the glory of ‘Black and Red’ sneakers, is a celebration of the region’s urban scene with a packed agenda for visitors. Local and regional artists will have the opportunity to showcase their talent next to global artists, with exclusive streetwear, bespoke art, street food, basketball showdowns, and gaming, all accentuated by international music performances. Live creative demonstrations will spotlight the diverse techniques of various artists who will bring vibrant murals to life and inspire visitors through a series of artworks produced on different mediums. Hypebeast will bring an intimate experience of all things art, creativity and fashion in physical form. The exclusive space, presented by Hypebeast, will be highly-curated and educational, accompanied by unexpected showcases and activation opportunities for a fully immersive cultural experience.

For tickets and more information about the UBF Season 1 Finals and the BRED Festival, visit or contact [email protected].